How do you allow yourself to reset your batteries?

I am practicing what I preach by slowing down and achieving more.

I used to think if I wasn't busy, I wasn't succeeding 🚫

And if I'm not hustling, then I'm failing 🚫

And if I don't have a trillion things on my to-do list then I'm not good enough 🚫.

Can anyone relate?

There's a multitude of reasons why I have these thoughts.

⛔Limiting beliefs.


⛔How I was raised.

⛔Influencers on social media spouting on about the hustle and work work work....

Well I say 'WHERE'S THE PLAY?'. Where's the time for YOU to reset, recharge, and revitalize?

You can not possibly show up as your best self when you are run down, stressed and haggered. You can not show up for others if you're not showing up for yourself. .

Repeat after me "It's OK to take care of myself. It's OK to not be busy all the time. It's OK if I only get a couple things done today. It's OK to relax".

I moved around my schedule to allow Wednesday afternoons off so I have time for play mid week so I can RESET. .

It has done WONDERS for my psyche, my mindset, but most importantly, my ENERGY.

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