I had a client reach out to me and I replied with the below statement.

I reread it and thought "you know what, everyone needs to hear this"... so here you go....

"Honor your sadness.

Feel it.

Its OK to be in it.

But don't linger.

Tell yourself enough is enough and take your control back.

Meditate DAILY!

Your mind is controlling you and you're letting your environment control your state.

Take it back.

And the way you do that is by meditating.

Get present.

Get conscious.

It doesn't have to be a woo woo meditation every time.

Just breathe sometimes.

Take control of your electromagnetic field.

Think and feel what energy you want to cultivate.

Have goals and dreams and patience.

Surrender to the 'how'.

We don't always know the steps to get what we want.

We just have to know where we want to go and stay in the energy necessary to get there."

~ Gem Munro,

Coach, CEO, Daughter, Friend, Sister, Wife, Light ⭐

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