Mindset Shift

You get what you want when you're in alignment with love and the higher good for all 💝



Too often we seek happiness from external sources, when happiness is actually found within ourselves. .

I hear this a lot...

"I'll be happy when I get that new job"

"I'll be happy once school is over"

"I'll be happy when my debt is paid off"

"I'll be happy when I've dropped this weight"...


If you have that mentality, you'll never be happy because you are putting all of happiness on something external, and then once that thing happens, or doesn't, you wait for the next thing and then the next thing...


When you are happy and joyful, great things happen. You know those people who seem to have everything fall into place for them? It's because they are happy, they put out a high vibration of freedom and fun, and people want to be around them so they get more opportunities. .

Let's face it, wouldn't you want to work with or spend time with happy, positive, vibrant humans? They're fun to be around! Like attracts like. Successful people attract other successful people. Miserable people attract other miserable people. Misery loves company because it makes you feel better about yourself when other people feel as shit as you.


Find happiness within through gratitude for what you have now and appreciation for even the things that seem to make you unhappy (like your job you hate, but hey, it pays your bills and gives you paid vacation).


Find more joy in your life and do more of what you love. Have more fun day-to-day.

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