People react at the age level they were, when the trauma happened.

I was six, 11 and 13 through 15 years old. When I was triggered later in life, my inner child would respond (scared, ashamed, guilty).

When you're healing, you're not healing the 35 year old, you're healing the six-year old.

You can't heal a six- year old with logic. You can't heal a six-year old with facts.

You heal the child with love, comfort, safety and security ,or whatever was taken away from the child at the time. And then forgive ,not for them (person who caused the trauma), but for you.

It's through healing this way that you will be able to move through the things that are holding you back in your life and your business and create boundaries so that your inner child can heal and feel safe.

Because if we have felt unsafe ,or like our security was taken away from us at a young age, it will prevent us from taking risks in our adult years.

We must take risks as adults, particularly when we own, or want to own, a business. If we don't, we don't grow, we don't learn, and we lose the opportunity to fulfill our visions, dreams and Dharma.

Healing our inner child wounds takes daily work to overcome fear, and we may never truly heal, but if you don't make a conscious effort, it will hold you back in life and you may never find true happiness within and feel fulfilled by success.

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