The Death Zone

When things are 'good', it's dangerous...

When we're plugging along in life and things are just 'good', we tend to get comfortable. We stop striving to be better which prevents us from becoming more wealthy and gaining the freedom we desire.

Or, we feel good so we stop meditating and setting boundaries because we feel like we don't 'need' it anymore. And then BOOM... we get overwhelmed, things pile up emotionally, something happens in life, and we're back to not being able to cope and we wonder what happened.

Remember... 'good' is just your comfort zone in disguise.

Why would you want things to just be 'good' in your business? Don't you want things to be GREAT!?

Why would you stop when you feel 'good'? Don't you want to feel EPIC?

Pressure in life is a great thing. I like to call it 'Positive Pressure'. Because when we're under positive pressure, we tend to take risks, work smarter, up-level, do scary things that get us closer to our greatness, and so on.

Comfort Zone is the Death Zone.

The death of dreams.

The death of potential.

The death of freedom.

If you're stuck in the 'death zone' and things are 'good', we need to chat. Yes it's going to be scary, but I'm here to UP-LEVEL YOUR LIFE and BIZ!

Either choose one of my breakthrough packages to get started, or fill out my Business Coaching Application form here if you're ready to dive into a 6 month intensive coaching with me.

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