When you change your worry into appreciation you will stop the worrying thoughts in their path

As the two cant be felt at the same time, just as fear and love cannot exist in the same moment.


When you start appreciating all of the things in your life, including the things that you may not enjoy such as your job, the less worry you will have about having to go to a job you hate. Instead, you will appreciate this job that pays for probably everything in your life. And is that not something to be appreciative of? I mean come on...


The more appreciation you feel, the more joyful your life will become. You may even start to look forward to going to work because you're appreciative of the work friendships that you have made there but you have forgotten about it because you've been so focused on how much you hate sitting at a desk all day. This is an example obviously. .

✅ Start by;


✔Picking something that is putting you in a low state, such as your job, a breakup, or your family.

✔Then write a list of all the things you appreciate about that one thing. You may need to dig deep.

✔When you wake up in the morning, say out loud everything you have written above. ✔Add this appreciation practice to your daily routine.

✔Every time you find yourself falling into a low state about it, reach for your appreciation list (in your mind) and repeat until your state has lifted. .

Turn your worry into appreciation and your fear into love and you will start living the joyful happy life that you so wish to live.

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