Why Small Businesses FAIL

Did you start your business around the thing that you were technically good at? Entrepreneurs usually become entrepreneurs due to starting a business around a skill they have and the job they've been doing for someone else. The problem with that is that they were not experts in running a business... they were experts in the technical hardworking aspect of someone else's business. For instance, let's say you used to cut hair for someone else, so you started your own business around cutting hair. You love cutting hair so much and you were tired of making money for someone else and on someone else's schedule, so you open a Salon. But now you have a Salon and a business to run. You get bogged down with expenses, marketing, billing, taxes, and all the things, that you don't even have time to do the one thing you love... cutting hair. Or you are really good at building houses for somebody so you start your own business around building houses. Instead of being able to build houses, which is what you're good at, you get stuck running a business, and BOOM, you're not doing the thing you love anymore. You're not working in your zone of genius. This is a big reason why 80% of businesses fail in the first 5 years of business, because they don't know how to actually run a business. You start a business around your Zone of Genius, but then quickly fall out of your flow-state because now you have to worry about running a business, which may not be your Zone of Genius Can you see why small businesses fail?

Can you see why Entrepreneurs give up?

Can you see why Entrepreneurs are stressed to the MAX? The smart Entrepreneur hires people in their Zone of Genius. If business strategy, marketing, and management are not your Zone of Genius, but you love to cut hair or build houses, then hire somebody whose Zone of Genius lies in business strategy to help your Salon or Building company THRIVE.

Be the 20% success rate of those Entrepreneurs and business owners who outsource what they're not good at. You will literally run out of hours in a-day if you keep trying to do everything yourself, and then you'll wind up not even doing the thing that you love and the reason you started your business in the first place.

You'll get burned out and lose the fire you once had.

Unless you started a business around your passion for starting businesses, chances are you're probably going to need some help running a business.

Luckily, that's my Zone of Genius.

If you want to get started and chat about what you need and where to go from here, click the link below and let's jump on a 90 minute Business Breakthrough call.

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We can turn this all around, and you're not alone. You can work in your Zone of Genius again and do the things you love. You just need some help, as do the rest of us.



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