Your Frequency Creates Your Reality

I was reading an interesting article today about how we are constantly manifesting and it can't be stopped. What we can do is be aware of what we're manifesting and change our experiences by changing our frequency signature, or 'State of Being'.

You see, our 'mental body' - our thoughts, 'emotional body' - our emotions, and our 'atomic body' - our physiology, all give out different frequencies which determine our 'State of Being'.

When we say that we 'feel' something, it's actually a combination of our mental, emotional, and atomic bodies contributing to our 'feelings' or 'State of Being'.

Our 'State of Being' frequency creates our reality.

Like attracts like, therefore our frequency will attract similar frequencies and that becomes our reality. Are you with me?

The emotional scale for instance, ranges from 20 Hz to 700+ Hz. So let's say your frequency is at 100 Hz due to feelings of fear, then you will attract more of that into your life and your reality will be one of fear.

If you vibrate at 540 Hz because you feel a lot of joy, your perception and your reality will be one of joy and you will attract more joy into your life, as people who also vibrate at that level will be attracted to your frequency.

Ever feel like your day goes from bad to worse? It's because you are vibrating at a lower level, so you perceive the world around you to be that too, and negative people who also vibrate down there come into your day to piss you off even more!

Then you drop your coffee because your atomic body is vibrating low, and you get angry because of it (emotional body is low) and then you think "Ah, my life sucks" (mental body is low), and if you don't correct this then you literally feel (State of Being) like you're living in hell (perception/reality).

Does that make sense?

So how do we fix it?

Abraham Hicks have a process called 'The Rampage of Appreciation'. My teacher Gabby Bernstein teaches Appreciation in her new book Super Attractor. And the Law of Attraction have an appreciation practice too.

Plain and simply, you can do it anytime, anywhere. Even right now.

Close your eyes and think about what makes you happy in your life. Think about all of the things you are appreciative off and grateful for. It could be a roof over your head. Food to eat. Air conditioning. A job that pays the bills. Just list everything you can think of and then give thanks.

See how easy that was?

Gratitude and Appreciation cannot coexist with fear so practicing this is the fastest way to raise your vibration up the emotional scale, which in turn will raise your frequency and manifest the life of your dreams.

Energy. Love. Light

Gem xx

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